Steve’s Boat Building An amateur’s attempt to build a strip plank dinghy

My current sea-going transport is due for an upgrade!

I am a retired land surveyor, and two of my hobbies are sailing and woodwork. I therefore decided to combine the two activities, and build a sailing dinghy. In the years before I retired, I slowly built up a fairly comprehensive woodworking workshop in our basement. We also have a room that is about 7 metres long in the basement, so unlike most retired woodworkers, I will not be building boat in a freezing shed.

I last built a boat in 1972, so I am most definitely an amateur boat-builder. I expect to make mistakes, and will record all of them, not only as a learning tool for myself, but also to help others who embark on similar projects avoid pitfalls that I encounter.  

Although this is a blog, the timeline will be incremental. The menu under Posts in the Navigation bar above will be in the order in which I build the boat. This seems logical, as any new visitors will be confused if the site starts, with, say, fitting the centreboard.