Steve’s Boat Building An amateur’s attempt to build a strip plank dinghy

The strip joint!

For a man who has never been in a strip joint in his life, it is a novelty to actually own a chain of them - 104 to date, and only 38 to go. It turns out that I am the stripper!

Two photos taken at random points on the hull, one before, and one after a quick initial sanding show the strip joints to perfection …

3) When getting into the areas of complex curves, the clamps offer a very firm grip. It is very simple to try a dry fit before gluing, and the strip can be positioned along its entire length very quickly before flipping the toggles and adding the wedges.

4) I imagine that nails or staples would considerably hamper cleaning up excess glue before it sets. This is not the case with clamps because after the wedges are in place, it is possible to release the clamps temporarily to get a clear run to wipe off excess glue / epoxy.