Steve’s Boat Building An amateur’s attempt to build a strip plank dinghy

With Barnacle complete, it is finally time to leave the building!. I know from the start of the build that I would have to remove the door and window frame, and turn the boat on its side to get it out. The daughter of a couple of our friends is a reporter for BBC South West, and in these troubled times, every media outlet seems to be looking for a “Good News” story, so she asked if she could report on the move. The story appeared later that week on BBC Radio Devon in the morning news, and within 10 minutes, the first of the paparazzi phoned asking for photos and the story. The news got as far as the Phillippines, with coverage in the Independent (I’m a page 3 boy!), and the Dundee Herald. Birmingham Live reported “Man demolishes house to get out boat”. I would hate to be a real celebrity, both because of the instant pressure, and because of the way facts are “distorted” to make an interesting story. (I promise that I did NOT demolish my house!).

The BBC South West TV clip is included on this site.

Lifted and turned

Door frame removed