Steve’s Boat Building An amateur’s attempt to build a strip plank dinghy



Selway Fisher Design                                              Website

A truly amazing selection of boat plans!


Stones Marine Timber                                           Website:

Western Red Cedar, Teak and Mahogany                   

The quality of this timber is superb, with service

to match.

Robbins Timber                                                       Website:

Mahogany faced marine ply

The range of ply available is impressive, but expect

a price to match the quality.


If you are looking for teak, ask to see the offcuts

which are a fraction of the cost of new boards.


Rockler Woodworking and Hardware                  Website:

Cove and bead canoe building router bit.

This is an American company, and I purchased from

them because they were the only supplier that I could

find with the bit I needed. I later found a similar bit

on Amazon at 1/5th of the Rockler price, but I cannot

comment on the quality. Go to and

search Yonico-16145

Specialist suppliers

Royal Wood                                     Website:

Specialist CNC routing, with a variety of materials available machined very accurately to your design, or use their design service. Just a small business, but with big quality and service! Highly recommended.