Steve’s Boat Building An amateur’s attempt to build a strip plank dinghy

The spinnaker chute

In 1972 the only other boat that I have built was a plywood Fireball on chines. At that time, fibreglass spinnaker chutes were freely available. Presumably because most modern dinghies are moulded with the chute build in, I was unable to find a ready made chute. Because I still have my Fireball spinnaker, I decided to make a chute. It proved to be quite a challenge, both from a design and a woodworking perspective. I finally decided to laminate 33 pieces of 12 mm ply, with every piece different. I also had to make a tube from the chute to the bulkhead, and for that I used strip planks left over from the hull.

The photos below illustrate the process

Some of the individual pieces

Partial assembly

Rough, but together

Half a tube.