Steve’s Boat Building An amateur’s attempt to build a strip plank dinghy

Seats and Flooring

I have gone considerably “off piste” from the original design. (Sorry Paul!). Because I enjoy a challenge (or am completely stupid, I have yet to decide which), I decided to make the floor and seat as grids instead of just planks as shown in the plans.

I was very luck to receive, just as I was about to start making the grids, a marketing e-mail from Robbins Timber offering teak that had been over-ordered by the people renovating the Cutty Sark. The price was far cheaper than the normal cost of teak, because it has already been partly worked. I had calculated that I could not afford teak, but this brought it to within my budget.

The advantage of using teak is its strength and durability, but the down-side is that it destroys the edge on any cutting tool (including tungsten carbide) almost on first contact. However, I persevered, as shown in the photos below

Raw Teak

Halving joint jig