Steve’s Boat Building An amateur’s attempt to build a strip plank dinghy

I machined the concave and convex curves onto the edges of the strips on my router table. This was tricky, as the mast is 7.4 metres long, and I had to set up supports diagonally across our garden to get the length that I needed. Then, at last - assembly commences!

Gluing up

Formers work!

Half mast, but no need to mourn.

Fitting the shear web and solid sections where fittings will be. The forward compartments are completely watertight, adding buoyancy that will prevent inversion if I capsize.

Finished, except varnishing.

I  had to add solid timber to take screws for fittings, and I found this to be quite tricky. Also, gluing the two halves needed to be done at speed to ensure that the shear web fitted into its bedding grooves in both halves before the epoxy set. I glassed the inside of each half before assembly, and then the outside after the mast was together. The whole mast build took me to the very limits of my abilities, a venture not to be embarked upon on a whim like I did!